This is the final list of candidates who will appear on the ballot in the Spring 2017 AUSG Elections.  These students have been verified to have the minimum number of signatures for their respective races and eligibility has been approved by AU Student Activities.

Andy Schwartz AUSG President
Haley Lickstein AUSG President
Terry Altherr AUSG President
Taylor Dumpson AUSG President
Ryan Fedasiuk AUSG Vice President
Ryan Shepard AUSG Vice President
Audra Gale AUSG Vice President
Solomon Self AUSG Vice President
Kristopher Schneider AUSG Secretary
Christine Machovec AUSG Comptroller
Elizabeth Pancotti AUSG Comptroller
Kishori Turner 2020 Council President
Eric Fryer 2020 Council President
Laurel Cooke 2020 Council Secretary