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The Center for Advocacy and Student Equity (CASE), is the student-run, university recognized service that assists students with the Conduct Process. We consult with and represent students accused of Conduct violations, assist students bringing Conduct charges themselves, and write policy recommendations to amend AU's Conduct Code and other university policies. As a Student Government department, we work with the President, her Cabinet, and other members of SG to advocate for students across campus.

This year we are opening applications for 4 positions: Advocates, Litigation Associates, Policy Associates, and Communications Associates. You may apply for multiple positions, but before doing so, please read the brief job descriptions below:


  • The advocates are our senior members of the litigation team, and work directly with students who need representation in Conduct cases. They directly handle clients, have their own case loads, and are responsible for handling all aspects of a case they've been assigned to. They help a student draft their case strategy, go over procedural and policy questions with the students they're working with, and accompany the student to their Conduct hearing. NOTE: while incoming students are encouraged to apply for any position, be aware that the limited availability and high level of qualifications required to be an Advocate means it is a less likely that an incoming student will receive this position. 

Litigation Associate

  • Working under an advocate, Litigation Associates (LAs) will take part in all of the responsibilities given to an advocate. They'll work alongside advocates on individual cases, learning the ropes of CASE and gaining valuable experience about how to assist students in the Conduct process. If you're interested in becoming a lawyer, or enjoy debate and argumentation, this position is for you.

Policy Associate

  • Working in our Policy Department, the Policy Associates (PAs) will play a vital role in crafting the policy and advocacy initiatives released by CASE. In addition to represent students in Conduct cases, CASE regularly advocates for changes to the Conduct Code and drafts policies seeking to strengthen student rights. For students with an interest in drafting policy papers, who are passionate about making change at AU, this position is for you. 

Communications Associate

  • Working in our Communications Department, the Communications Associates (CAs) will work to ensure our message reaches every student at AU. It's critical that students know about our services; very few students at AU know that they have the right to an advocate in Conduct proceedings. As a CA you'll help run our social media, draft press releases and create media content, and work to develop our overall messaging strategy. For someone interested in Student Government but not totally interested in all of the politics, this position is for you.