Thanks for your interest in joining AUSG next year! Christine is excited to read your application and get working to effectively manage your money and advocate for you with AU administrators. If you have any questions about the positions available in the Comptroller's Cabinet, please don't hesitate to reach out to or


Associate Comptroller for Human Resources

This position assists with human resource issues for SG. This includes, but is not limited to, aiding in human resource issues, mitigating between parties, helping complete research to create better standards, and working to make SG an entirely inclusive environment. The Associate Comptroller for HR will also help bring more trainings to SG outside of just Safe Space and Step Up/PEERS. The Associate Comptroller will help in reaching out to other organizations and university programs to bring more trainings to SG and to keep a master calendar of events centered around inclusion for students that SG members should go to. They will work closely with the Comptroller to make AUSG the inclusive body it should be.


Associate Comptroller for Budgeting

This position will work closely with the Comptroller in managing the largest SG executive departments’ funds. They help oversee the budget that will be spent throughout the year. The Comptroller for Budgeting is also responsible for keeping close relations with the other branches of Student Government to hold everyone to responsible spending. They are also responsible for outreach to clubs and other organizations in regards to co-sponsored events and in aiding with those initiatives: this includes researching organizations, helping attend meetings, etc. This member will work closes with KPU, SUB, the Senate Finance Committee, AUCC, and Media Board to manage funds and help with co-sponsored events.


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