President of the Student Government


Office Hours: Wednesday 2:30-5pm & Friday 11am-1pm; by appointment


Devontae Torriente (he, him, his) is a junior from New York City studying justice & law. During his time at AU, he has been involved with different student groups on campus, residential life, and residential education. He has been dedicated to ensuring that students on our campus feel at home, and know that they have a place here at AU. Devontae got involved with Student Government during his sophomore year, and is committed to amplifying the voices of students on our campus so that we can maximize our potential as a community.

As President, Devontae plans to continue working with students from all aspects of student life to make sure that all of our concerns are not only heard, but adequately addressed. This upcoming year is a big year not just for Student Government, but for our community as a whole, and Devontae is devoted to making it a year of success and productivity.

When Devontae isn't in the office or working with students, he likes to eat cheeseburgers and brownies, watch Scandal, and spend time tweeting about politics and pop culture.