Secretary of the Student Government


Office Hours by appointment for the summer. 

Kris Schneider (he, him, his) is a rising junior in the School of Communication pursuing a degree in journalism and minors in public administration and international relations.  He is going into his third year as a member of AUSG-- having served in the Secretary's cabinet since October of his first year.

Kris keeps the interests of the student body at the forefront of everything he does.  As he tells basically everyone he knows, one of the most engaging and rewarding experiences he has had at AU was working with a team of University and WMATA officials to bring the UPass to AU.  It's the opportunity to bring tangible change to campus that inspires Kris as a student leader.

He has interned for the State and Commerce Departments, dabbled in political fundraising, and currently interns for Comcast/NBCUniversal here in DC.