On Monday, February 5, Speaker Trevor Pugh released the legislative agenda for the spring 2018 semester of the 13th Undergraduate Senate.

Email sent to students on 2/5/18

I'm Trevor Pugh, the Speaker of the AUSG Undergraduate Senate.

I want to provide you with more insight on what the Senate is up to. After many years going without one, it is my pleasure to share the Legislative Agenda of the 13th Session with you.

This document is a comprehensive list of 13 goals that the Senate has decided to work on this year. This is by no means the only things your Senators are working on, but I thought it would be great to share some of them with you. I have also included an entire list of your Senators, an upcoming meeting schedule, and contact information for your convenience.




It is my goal as Speaker to provide you with as much opportunity to reach out and provide your input, so that we can all help continue the amazing work the Senators are doing! Stay up to date with our legislation tracker at www.ausg.org/track_legislation

I hope you find this document useful and exciting! Please feel free to reach out to me and your Senators at any time.

Trevor Pugh
Speaker of the 13th Undergraduate Senate