Following the most recent racist incident at AU on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 and the town hall held by AU on Wednesday, the American University Student Government presents these action steps and expectations of University leadership as we move forward. These points were created by the AUSG executive board with the endorsement of the Undergraduate Senate Ad-Hoc Committee on Diversity & Inclusion.


  1. AU Alerts sent immediately by AUPD notifying the AU community of any bias related incident that occurs on campus, before statement is made from University leadership

  2. If an AU student commits a bias related incident, investigate incident as a stand-alone Student Code of Conduct violation

  3. If perpetrators of bias related incidents on campus are current AU students, mandate criminal charges and expulsion; if non-AU students, mandate criminal charges and campus ban; if faculty or staff members, mandate criminal charges and immediate removal from position

  4. Increase disclosure of information to the entire AU community on sanctions and status of active investigations

  5. A 24/7 team of on-call mental health professionals, that is not AUPD

  6. Expand support resources for students of color and religious minorities, including individualized mental, physical & emotional services



  1. Hire a Recruitment & Retention Coordinator whose main focus will be on students of color and other minority students

  2. Establish a Multicultural Student Center as a key priority in the University’s next strategic plan

  3. Hire a Chief Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Officer as part of the President’s cabinet, at the Vice President level, to oversee diversity, inclusion, and equity efforts in the day to day student experience



  1. Create and execute a cultural competency training module for students, staff, and faculty by the Fall 2018 semester

  2. Create a student task force designated to examine and update each school’s curricula and increase the number of student representatives to the AU CORE Committee, which will replace the General Education requirements for incoming students during the 2018-2019 academic year



  1. Release most recent campus climate survey data immediately, and in the future annually -- before each academic year begins

  2. Continue to enhance forms of community policing that further engage the needs of marginalized communities as their needs are not monolithic

  3. Increase transparency and accessibility to budget and investments--  reevaluate and increase investment in students and the student experience