During Tony Goldwyn’s discussion for All American Weekend, the actor discussed his role on ABC’s “Scandal”, working opposite Kerry Washington, the upcoming presidential election and criminal justice reform. 

Actor, producer, director and social activist Tony Goldwyn was brought to campus by the Kennedy Political Union during All American Weekend. Goldwyn provided his thoughts on not only the ABC hit show “Scandal”, in which he plays President Fitzgerald Grant, but imminent political issues that he devotes time to away from the television screen.

Goldwyn spent a portion of the evening discussing criminal justice reform and his work with The Innocence Project. He began working with the organization when he directed and filmed the film “Conviction”, and it has grown to be an issue he is extremely passionate about. He urged students to make themselves aware about the realities of our criminal justice system if they were not already. In addition, he discussed the upcoming presidential election. Goldwyn mentioned that he has spent the past eleven months campaigning for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, because her policies made the most sense to him. He explained to the majority-student crowd, “I have always felt as an American, that because I have the right to vote, because I have the right to use my voice, that right is a responsibility.” Finally, Goldwyn clarified why every vote, especially millennials’ votes, matter in this election. ““I have felt this in the past… ‘What does one vote matter?’ Cynicism is a very, very destructive force and an anti-democratic force,” he said.

As an avid Scandal fan and Hillary supporter, it is inspiring to see an actor I admire so greatly use his voice and platform to make a difference. Instead of staying silent in fear of losing fans, Goldwyn stands up for his beliefs in our democracy its future. He is setting an example of what it means to take your future into your hands for not only his fellow actors, but for young voters as well. Instead of complaining about this election’s craziness, we should all take a cue from Goldwyn and do something about it.

-- Lizzie Stone, Class of 2018