AUSG sent the following email to students after the AU community learned on Wednesday of the death of student Sabrina Ho.

This morning, the AU community was notified of the passing of Sabrina Ho, a student in the School of Communication and a cherished friend.

As a sister of the Panhellenic sorority Sigma Delta Tau, Brin had a genuine impact on her sisters. Passionate about journalism, history, and law, Brin held the values of social justice close to her and was a valued member of our AU family. Her vibrant personality and warm smile will be missed by her friends, classmates, and instructors.

In this difficult time, always remember to be kind to yourself and kind to others, as students experience this terrible news in very different ways. Check in with your loved ones and remember that you are not alone in what you are experiencing.

The Counseling Center and the Dean of Students staff both offer drop-in hours Monday-Friday from 2-4 p.m. Chaplains in the Kay Spiritual Life Center are available to talk as well. Don’t forgo these resources thinking ‘they are for other people.’ They are for you, and it is a mature and responsible act to take advantage of them.

Please keep Brin and her family and friends in your thoughts.


Valentina Fernandez, Leela Najafi, Gisselle Gladden, and Alex Behle
AUSG Executive Board