AUSG’s Center for Advocacy and Student Equity (CASE) has announced the launch of CASEcnct, an innovative online service that centralizes access to information relevant to student life and student rights.  


“One of the biggest concerns I hear from students is their inability to easily find and understand university policy,” said Will Mascaro, Director of CASE. “CASEcnct directly addresses that concern, by providing information critical to student life, all in one place.”


CASEcnct provides information on everything from contesting a final grade, to appealing a reduction in your financial aid, to reporting a bias-incident on campus. All of this information is located on the new CASEcnct website, which can be found at


The website is divided into distinct issue areas, making navigation easy and understandable. Students can then access university policies, reporting and grievance forms, and speak directly with a CASE advocate if they’re in need of assistance.


The initiative, spearheaded by Mascaro, has been launched in partnership with the AUSG Secretary, Kris Schneider. Mascaro and Schneider announced earlier in the semester that connecting students with university resources was a mutual goal of theirs.


“At it’s core CASEcnct is a serviced created by students, for students,” said Mascaro. “I’m very proud of the example we’re setting, in that Student Government can be a force for good simply by listening to student concern and responding with common sense solutions.”


Some of the many resources CASEcnct provides to students include:

  • Direct access to the Student Conduct Code and Academic Integrity Code (AIC)
  • Access to the forms used to formally report Student Conduct charges, Title IX incidents, and bias-related incidents 
  • The process for appealing financial aid decisions, Student Conduct and AIC case outcomes, and denial of disability accommodations
  • The ability to speak with a CASE advocate to assist you with your problem


In the coming months CASE will work with students and university officials to expand the information and resources provided through CASEcnct. Subsequent updates will be announced through AUSG.