AUSG offers support and stands in solidarity with the UVA Student Council in response to white supremacist and neo-Nazi demonstrations at UVA and act of terror in Charlottesville.

The American University Student Government stands in solidarity with the UVA Student Council, the University of Virginia community and the citizens of Charlottesville as they continue to deal with the terror that struck today in the form of deep-seated racism and bigotry at the hands of white supremacists and neo-Nazis.


You are not alone. The kind of hate displayed on your Grounds and in your city is not an anomaly.


Dating back decades and indeed centuries, our country has struggled with inclusivity out of a great fear of others. For years, these issues have been suppressed by those attempting to declare racism dead and those peddling the misconception that these are concerns of the past.


As we can clearly see by the acts of blatant racism at our universities and in communities from coast to coast, racism is not dead. Those who seek to divide us based on the color of our skin continue to beat their drums.


They continue to commit acts of terror that seek to assert their dominance and advance their agenda of backwardness, discrimination and racial supremacy.


They will not succeed. They haven’t intimidated the AU community when our own values were affronted in May, and they will not intimidate the University of Virginia nor Charlottesville. 


Continue to fight for what you know is right. Continue to push your university administration and local, regional and federal officials for more. Most importantly, continue to serve the students of the University of Virginia in the face of hate.


There is no better act of defiance and resilience than to push on.