AUSG issued the following statement after AU President Sylvia Burwell announced this morning the appointment of Dr. Fanta Aw to serve as the permanent Vice President of Campus Life. 

Student Government is excited by President Burwell’s appointment of Dr. Fanta Aw as Vice President of Campus Life. Dr. Aw has served as Interim Vice President of Campus Life since the retirement of her predecessor Dr. Gail Hanson earlier this year.


Dr. Aw has been and continues to be a tireless advocate for student life at American University—illustrated by her service to the AU community for the past 25 years. As President Burwell said in her memo, Dr. Aw is uniquely qualified to lead her office at this vital time for our community and beyond—student experience is multifaceted and is ever-changing. Dr. Aw is always ready to take on this challenge.


“As a three-time AU alumna who has shown her long standing dedication to the undergraduate community we are delighted to see that Dr. Aw will continue to serve as a mentor, advocate and ally as she begins her position of Vice President of Campus Life,” said Taylor Dumpson, the AUSG President.


The entire Student Government family welcomes this appointment as an important student-centered decision, and we look forward to continuing our work with the Office of Campus Life and Dr. Aw as she assumes her new permanent role.