The executive board of the American University Student Government issued the following statement on Tuesday, September 5 following the announcement by the Department of Justice that DACA will be rescinded.

The American University Student Government is disheartened and disgusted by the action taken by President Trump to remove the protected status of Dreamers.


We call on the AU administration to reiterate its support for undocumented students at American University. On February 10, the university outlined steps it would take to protect and support undocumented students. These include prohibiting AU Police from participating in immigration enforcement actions, providing legal referrals through the Office of International Student and Scholar Services, and finding alternative programs to DACA for students currently enrolled and potentially working under the program, among others.


AUSG also recognizes that protecting the livelihoods of students who have only known the United States as their home is not a burden that should fall to universities in the first place. It is in this spirit that we urge the United States Congress to take definitive action to protect students across the country regardless of citizenship status, especially within the six-month DACA review period set by the president.


To undocumented students at AU, know that your student representatives in the executive board and throughout the student government are working for you now and this work will not stop. We are committed to serving the interests of the student body regardless of immigration or citizenship status, and we know we’re not alone in this fight—countless student leaders across the nation share our concern and commitment.


We encourage our peers to join us and other organizations at AU in both pushing back against this action and perhaps more importantly, supporting those who are directly impacted by it.





AUSG President


AUSG Vice President


AUSG Comptroller


AUSG Secretary