The AUSG Executive Board released this statement on March 5, 2018, as the deadline imposed by the executive branch for DACA expires. AUSG stands by undocumented students, and urges Congress to protect Dreamers.

As the deadline for Congress to address a permanent solution to DACA expires, the American University Student Government today reaffirms its commitment to undocumented students at American University and beyond.

While today’s deadline will not immediately impact statuses for individuals already registered with DACA who are eligible for renewal, due to federal court orders mandating that USCIS continue to process renewals, it remains important to our organization and to our campus that congressional action be taken swiftly.


As President Burwell has stated before, our campus is one that values global perspectives. AU has already committed to protecting undocumented students to the fullest extent possible under the law, and to provide support to undocumented students who may require employment or immigration assistance.


As AUSG stated in September 2017, we urge the United States Congress take action to protect Dreamers once and for all, especially now that the self-imposed deadline set by the executive branch has expired.


We will continue to advocate for undocumented students’ rights, and we will work closely with CDI and WCL to ensure immigration resources are available to students who need them.




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