AUSG Budget Information and Resources


AU Student Government receives half of each student’s undergraduate activity fee to spend for the benefit of the student body. On this page, you can request financial support from AUSG and find information about our budget.


Request AUSG Funding


In addition to its internal budget, AU Student Government has money set aside to support AU student organizations. If you would like a financial co-sponsorship from AUSG for your organization’s event, request funding below.


Club funding request form

Internal funding request form


AUSG Financial Research Office Reports

Fixed Tuition Report


Budget transparency


You can find records of all AUSG spending this academic year here.


AUSG Budget 2019-2020

SG General


Club Co-sponsorship Fund


VP Fund


DOPAR (Secretary’s Fund)


Kennedy Political Union


Student Union Board


Women’s Initiative


Founders Week


Center for Advocacy and Student Equity


Capital Maintenance


Community Service Coalition







Some members of Student Government are paid stipends to ensure that they can commit the amount of time required by their positions, with the goal that no one is excluded from leadership positions because of their own financial situation. 


AUSG Stipends 2019-2020



Vice President






Speaker of the Undergraduate Senate


KPU Director


SUB Director


WI Director


CASE Director


Founders Director


President’s Chief of Staff


President’s Chief of Operations


VP Chief of Staff


Joint Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 


Joint Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 


Assistant Comptroller for Administration


Elections Commissioner 


Director of Community Outreach


Director of Online Engagement


Director of Digital Media


Assistant Comptroller for Research


Director of Financial Aid and Affordability


Director of Student Experience Enrichment


Assistant Comptroller for Advocacy


Director of Executive Board Accountability


Clerk of the Undergraduate Senate


VP Deputy Leadership Fund *



* The Deputy Leadership Fund is split between all ten deputy directors of the four programming boards — KPU, SUB, WI, and Founders.


Where does AUSG get its money?

All student organizations at AU, including AUSG, receive funding from the student activity fee, which is paid by all undergraduate students. Full-time students pay a fee of $88.50 per semester, and part-time students pay $15 per semester. The money raised by the student activity fee is split into three sections. Approximately half goes to AUSG, and a quarter each to AU Club Council and the Student Media Board. The specific division of activity fee revenue is decided every spring by the Budget Advisory Committee, which is a group of nine students representing different student organizations. With questions about AUSG finances, you can email