Step 1: Know where to vote

When the voting process begins, students will receive an email notifying them that they are allowed to begin voting. Students will login to the myAU account, and under Life@AU a link will be made available that will take students to the online ballot.

Step 2: Know Your Credits and Your School

Many of SG races are both class and school specific (i.e. Class of 2017 President, Senator for the School of Public Affairs). In order to vote for candidates in these races, you must also be a member of the same class/school. Class standing is determined by credits. For example, a technical freshman (Class of of 2019) that has earned more than 29 credits at the time of the election will vote in all Class of 2018-specific elections.

Class of 2021 (0-29 Credits)
Class of 2020 (30-59 Credits)
Class of 2019 (60-89 Credits)
Class of 2018 (90+ Credits)

School standing is determined by your degree granting program (i.e. your major). Students will be allowed to vote for their school representatives if they are a declared or an intended major within that school.