On Monday, April 2, the American University Student Government's CASE announced that its signature policy achievement of the 2017-18 academic year, the Student Rights Cards, are being installed across campus.

One year after the project was announced, installation of the Student Rights Card has officially begun across campus.


The cards, an initiative of AUSG’s Center for Advocacy and Student Equity (CASE), provide information about student rights at American University. By placing the laminated, adhesive cards across campus, CASE aims to ensure that every student has access to information about their rights.


“This is a huge win for student rights at American University,” explained Will Mascaro, Director of CASE. “Our rights as students do not matter unless we know how to access them, and the cards provide every student with the tools they need to do just that.”


The project was first announced during the Spring 2017 semester, and highlighted as a major priority for CASE in the coming academic year. After a series of meetings with university leaders in the Office of Campus Life, Director Mascaro alongside AUSG President Yamillet Payano were able to secure implementation of the cards.


The cards include information relevant to critical student rights, including:

  • A student’s right to an advisor in Conduct and Title IX proceedings.
  • A student’s right to be free from violence and discrimination.
  • A student’s right to engage in free expression while on campus.
  • A student’s right to appeal a decrease in their financial aid reward.


The cards will be installed in two phases. Phase 1 is currently underway, and will see the cards placed in MGC elevators and other common areas throughout the building. Phase 2 will see the cards installed in every floor lounge in the residence halls, and will be completed by July 2018.