Founder's Week Committee 

Thank you for your interest in applying to AUSG's Founder's Week Committee! Kindly direct all questions to Director of Founder's Week Emma Galasso via email at

Applications are due by Wednesday, May 30th, at 11:59 p.m.

Positions Available

Assistant Director of Founder's Week

The Assistant Director will serve as a point of contact for the Director as needed. Needs to be comfortable talking to members of the administration, coordinating with parties at the Founders Ball venue, and delegating tasks among committee members. They should be logistically-oriented.

Clawed’s Wearhouse Coordinator

The Clawed’s Wearhouse Coordinator is responsible for engaging students to donate lightly used or new dresses, dress shirts and pants, and other clothing. The current space for the warehouse is in the corner lounge on the first floor of MGC. The coordinator is responsible for setting opening hours of the warehouse, organizing clothing donations to look presentable, and ensure that students who are in need of items for Founders can step into a space where they feel beautiful. The coordinator is to think outside the box and have a passion to bring Clawed’s Wearhouse to the next level.

Finance + Partnerships Coordinator

The Finance + Partnerships Coordinator is responsible for maintaining a spreadsheet of finances regarding Founder's Week and Founder's Day, including purchases, expenses, and ensuring that all money allocated in the budget is specifically directed towards its intended use. They will work closely with the AUSG Comptroller Giselle Gladden and with Student Activities. They are responsible for maintaining relationships with AUCC and the Student Media Board in helping to plan AU Founders Week, as well as other campus clubs and organizations to put on successful events all week.

Programming Coordinator

The Programming Coordinator should have significant experience in planning events on-campus and working with student clubs and organizations. They will be responsible in assisting the Director in planning Founder's Week activities leading up to the ball. Events in the past have included the Founders Men’s Basketball Game, Stuff-A-Clawed, and many more engaging events. Creativity and ability to work with multiple parties in coordinating events is a must.

Communications Coordinator

The Communications Coordinator will be responsible in creating a social media plan to roll out and advertise all of the Founders Week events and the ball itself, including Founder's Week history and creative content to get students excited. They will work with AUSG Secretary Alex Behle to publish posts and follow the social media plan come the fall, to create hype over a “save the date” and Founders history, and come the spring, with the announcement of the venue and the different Founders Week events. They should have significant experience in maintaining and understanding social media, creating eye-catching graphics, and working with event partners to advertise on their respective channels.