Thanks for your interest in joining AUSG! Alex is excited to read your application and get working to raise up student voices. If you have any questions about the positions available in the Secretary's Cabinet, please don't hesitate to reach out to


Associate Secretary, Community Initiatives
Assists the Secretary in outreach to student organizations. Help in recruitment efforts during Senate elections and openings within Executive Board cabinets. Regularly update the calendar on the AUSG website. Assist in special projects as needed. Skills: superb organization and project management.
Associate Secretary, Design
Responsible for creating infographics and other static visuals for use on AUSG posters, digital media, etc. These types of posts on social media in particular are some of the most effective in terms of catching the audience’s eye. Collaborate with other SG communications staff to produce content. This position requires prior graphic design experience. Skills: Photoshop or equivalent. A basic portfolio is required with the application.
Associate Secretary, Digital Media
Responsible for shooting and editing AUSG photographs and videos. Responsible for taking headshots of AUSG members, as well as being on call for AUSG programming events. Produce videos with simple edits ranging from 30 seconds to five minutes in length for release to the student body. Collaborate with other SG communications staff to produce content. Skills: Photoshop, photography, Adobe Premier or equivalent, video shooting. A basic portfolio is required with this application.
Associate Secretary, Online Engagement
Responsible for the upkeep of the main AUSG website and the AUSG Jobs Board, which is built on Wordpress. Manage the organization’s web properties to ensure maximum uptime and a generally pleasing experience. The ideal candidate has computer science or web design experience or the willingness to learn. Skills: basic coding, Wordpress, hosting, website development. A portfolio is suggested with this application.