Thank you for choosing to apply to the 2018-2019 Student Union Board. SUB is tasked with bringing concerts, comedy, and film programming to AU’s campus. The last few years of SUB have proved some of our most successful and engaging in recent memory and that relies on the hard work of the SUB team. Applicants should be dedicated, creative, and willing to commit the time and energy that it takes to provide good programming to the AU community. The SUB team is a very close team of good-hearted people that love what we do and, in bringing aboard new team members, I’d like to bring aboard people that maintain that dynamic.

To apply, applicants must submit a resume detailing relevant skills and experiences and a cover letter detailing your interest in and qualifications for the specific position or team you are applying for. If you are applying for the graphic design, photography or communications positions, examples of past work are optional but preferred. More information on the open positions are detailed below.

Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns about the application process (please do not DM me on Facebook).

All Love,

Bisah Suh
Director, Student Union Board

Applications are due by Wednesday, May 30th, at 11:59 p.m.

Positions Available:

Finance Deputy Director

  • Acts as person in charge in Director's absence.
  • Assists in booking artists. 
  • Assists in managing staff and relationships with external bodies.
  • Manages budget and allocation. 
  • Assist with co-sponsorships for events.

Financial Assistant

  • Assists in managing the budget.
  • Assists in submitting financial requests.

Hospitality Coordinator (2 positions available)

  • Purchase items on artist rider. 
  • Build and stock green rooms for artists.
  • Book the green room before the show.

Front of House/VIP Coordinator 

  • Distribute wristbands and man the VIP table during shows.
  • Manage VIP list and direct VIPs to the green room.
  • Manage artist meet & greets.

Production Deputy Director (must major in Audio Technology)

  • Point of contact with the production company in advance of the show.
  • Oversee construction of stage, sound, and lights.
  • Take lead on sound during smaller shows.

Stage Managers (2 positions available-- Audio Technology major preferred)

  • Assist with construction of stage, sound, and lights.
  • Assist with live sound for smaller shows.

Logistics Manager

  • Books campus spaces on 25Live.
  • The main point of contact for University Center.

Assistant Logistics Manager

  • Assist with logistical needs.

Marketing and Branding Deputy Director

  • Communicates promotion and branding strategies with Secretary Alex Behle.
  • Creates marketing plans for every event.
  • Manages social media and media team.
  • Assists with creation of apparel.
  • Assist with co-sponsorshipsips for events.

Media and Volunteer Coordinator

  • Point of contact for student media.
  • Organizes interviews with artists.
  • Point of contact for volunteers.

Communications Coordinator (2 positions available)

  • Manage SUB social media accounts.
  • Write press releases and media advisories for student media.
  • Writes promo emails sent to student body.

Graphic Design

  • Designs graphics for all SUB shows.
  • Design SUB apparel.
  • Works with finance deputy to get promo printed and oversee support staff physical placement of promo on campus.


  • Take photos/videos during SUB events.
  • Create videos for SUB social media page.
  • Post photos from events on social media.