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Dear Applicants,


Thank you for your interest in joining the AUSG Women’s Initiative Executive Board team! AUSG Women’s Initiative (WI) is a non-partisan, student-run organization that helps coordinate and advise campus departments and committees on programming and policy decisions that affect women and femme students, faculty, and staff of American University. WI is responsible for creating and delivering responsive, effective and educational programming to address a wide range of issues that particularly affect women and femmes. WI is committed to working in collaboration with other student organizations, academic departments, student services, and off-campus organizations to further this mission.

WI is also committed to progression, inclusivity, and responding to the programming needs of the American University community. WI is for ALL the women and femmes on our campus not just our cisgender, white, and heterosexual women. The success of WI depends on the dedication, passion, and creativity of an executive board that is determined to serve the American University community. Moving forward the goal of WI is to exceed these expectations through community building and cross-collaboration. WI is a safe space and resource for women and femmes at AU, and I encourage you all to make WI your home, as this organization exists to build community and to serve you. I look forward to a year of growth and collaboration!