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For the first time in history, American University will be launching a debate speaker series in Spring 2018 organized by the Kennedy Political Union and Antiracist Research and Policy Center at American University. Currently, issues in this nation are more divisive and polarizing than ever before.

The mission of this series is to transform those reactive arguments into proactive debates. Topics will range from a variety of issues such as race, police violence, foreign policy, climate change, and healthcare just to name a few. The debaters will be experts in that field, whether they be politicians, news anchors, activists, lawyers, professors, etc.

At every debate, there will be two contestants, our debaters, and a moderator. Additionally, there will be student judges and real-time student fact checkers.

The application is now available for students looking to get involved as judges or fact checkers. Final candidates will be contacted for a group interview. The application will be due at 11:59 pm at November 10th.

Student Judges:
Student judges will be responsible for taking points away and giving points during the debate based on a set of guidelines.

Fact Checkers:
Student fact checkers will be responsible for real time fact checking at the debate, which would include finding credible sources to verify all information presented.