**Content Warning: Sexual and Interpersonal Violence**

AUSG President Devontae Torriente sent the following email to the student body on Friday, April 14, 2017 following notification by the Office of the Dean of Students of an unauthorized EI party this weekend. 


Yesterday, the Office of the Dean of Students notified the student body that Epsilon Iota (EI) is planning to have a "beach party" this weekend. As with all EI events, this party is unauthorized by the university, and I strongly discourage all students from attending this and any other EI event.


In 2001, the Epsilon Iota chapter of Alpha Tau Omega (ATO) lost its charter for serious misconduct and AU withdrew its organizational recognition. However, some ATO members chose to continue the organization and mask themselves as an "underground fraternity," calling themselves just Epsilon Iota, or EI for short. There are AU students that continue to represent themselves as members of this group as if it were an American University fraternity. But EI has no association with the Interfraternity Council (IFC) or any part of the AU community.


AU students identified with EI have been associated with allegations of reckless misconduct that is dangerous to the safety and wellbeing of other AU students. Allegations against members have ranged from drugging drinks to physical and sexual assaults of other students. Over the years, a number of students identified with EI have been sanctioned for conduct code violations; some have been prosecuted by law enforcement for their actions.


EI is fundamentally at odds with our campus values and presents a danger to our community. Therefore, AUSG continues to have the responsibility and moral obligation to inform all incoming students of EI’s history. We strongly discourage all students from attending any and all EI events and associating with the organization.


We continue to stand firmly against an organization that both condones and encourages a climate conducive to sexual violence. It’s on us as a community to combat the sexual and interpersonal violence perpetrated by EI, and it starts with you.