Senator Benjamin Khoshbin is a member of the Class of 2020, currently serving as Senator for the Class of 2020 and as Chairman of the Committe on Accessibility, Transparency, and Accountability. Senator Khoshbin is an International Studies major with a minor in Arabic Language. Senator Khoshbin is also the Deputy Director of Operations for CASE and the Vice President of Risk Management for IFC. Senator Khoshbin is also a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi, having previously served as the chapters Vice President. Senator Khoshbin also interns on Capitol Hill for Congressman Brian Mast.
Senator Khoshbin’s primary goals as Senator are to make Senate, and student government as a whole, more accessible to the rest of the student body. As Chairman of the Committee on Accessibility, Transparency, and Accountability, Senator Khoshbin provides oversight for both the Senate and for student government, ensuring that everyone is held accountable to the student body.