Thomas Kenna is a sophomore majoring in International Studies and Business Administration. He is from Floral Park, NY (on Long Island). In Student Government, he was elected to represent the Class of 2020 as a Senator in the Undergraduate Senate. Last semester, Thomas lead the effort to revise the AUSG Bylaws so that they accurately reflect the Senate’s previous legislative revisions to them, in his capacity as Chairman of the Ad-hoc Committee on Reviewing the Governing Documents. He has also worked, as Senate Historian, to increased the transparency of the Undergraduate Senate, by digitalizing its documents, such as past legislation, resolutions, and meeting agendas and minutes. You can find these on the “Senate Actions” page of this website. Additionally, Thomas is a member of the Committee on University Advocacy and the Senate Finance Committee. He is especially interested in promoting a culture of free speech on campus, as well as working to see that some of Senate’s previous initiatives come into fruition. Outside of AUSG, Thomas is the Editor-in-Chief of “The Conservative Conscience,” the online policy and opinion journal of the AU College Republicans. You can contact to Sen. Kenna at or during his office hour on Mondays from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM in MGC 268 (Please contact him prior to meeting in office hours).