The 2017-2018 Executive Board marks the second anniversary of the tragic death of Kevin Sutherland, an AU and AUSG alum who served two terms as AUSG Secretary. 


As the years progress, fewer and fewer members of the AUSG and American University communities will remember Kevin Sutherland on a personal level. 

But the work that he accomplished over the course of two years serving as AUSG Secretary will never be lost. Kevin was a valued member of AUSG who put in his all for the student body each and every day. 

From unifying AUSG branding to cutting down on fraud by introducing a new jobs board which is still in use today, Kevin dedicated a great deal of time and effort to serving the student body, and this will never be forgotten. 

This organization is fundamentally better at advocating and serving because of the work done by those who came before us and set the standards-- standards that we all work to live up to now as we face the challenges of today's American University. 

To Kevin's friends and family, our hearts are with you on this day as you celebrate his life-- a live well lived, cut far too short.