The following statement was issued by AUSG Secretary Kris Schneider regarding the state of exception declared early in the afternoon on Friday, March 31, 2017.

This afternoon, President Devontae Torriente and Speaker Noah Wills declared a state of exception. This decision was made because Torriente and Wills have reason to believe that Chair of the Judicial Board Jon Shapiro may have obstructed the certification process of the Comptroller election in a manner inconsistent with his obligation to maintain his impartiality.


To be clear, the actual results of all the elections conducted this week were not tainted, and the Joint Committee on Elections Policy (JCEP) affirmed this when the body certified the results of all the elections unanimously. 

A state of exception allows the President of Student Government and Speaker of the Undergraduate Senate to set aside the bylaws to operate AUSG in a situation not defined in the governing documents.


There will be a meeting of the Undergraduate Senate at 7pm to determine whether to approve the state of exception. Immediately following this meeting, the previously scheduled special meeting of the Undergraduate Senate will take place to certify the elections.  The executive board of AUSG is confident that the elections will be certified and this situation will be resolved in Senate.