13th Undergraduate Senate, 2017-2018

Speaker Trevor Pugh

Legislation Title


Current Status

Directive 17-18-001: A Directive to Move Money into SG General

Would move $2,000 from Capital Maintenance account to SG General account to fund the Thanksgiving week dining program

Adopted, Signed

Bill 17-18-001: A Bill to Reform the Finance Process 

Would add to the Bylaws a clarification of the position of the Comptroller, adds language to Article 5.1.i

In Committee

Bill 17-18-002: A Bill to Establish a Mental Health Survey

Would establish an official survey to be administered regularly to the student body about the state of mental health services on campus

Adopted, Signed

Bill 17-18-003: A Bill to Institutionalize the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program into AU Curriculum

Would enable the SG to participate in seeing an Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program be brought to AU

Failed Committee

Bill 17-18-004: A Bill to Serve Halal at TDR

Would establish policy goals and require advocacy to the University related to bringing halal food to AU dining

Adopted, Signed

Policy Book 17-18-001 A Policy Book for the Rules of Debate and Decorum 

Would establish the official rules of debate and decorum for the Undergraduate Senate

Adopted, Signed 

Resolution 17-18-001: A Resolution to Appreciate the Work of the Residence Hall Association 

Would express gratitude and appreciation for the work of the Residence Hall Association


Resolution 17-18-002: A Resolution to Acknowledge the Need for Upgrades on Campus for Students with Physical Disabilities

Would express the Senate's desire to see more legislation to address the physically inaccessible areas on campus


Resolution 17-18-003: A Resolution to Label Product Prices in P.O.D.

Would recommend to the Student Trustee to advocate to the Board of Trustees for prices to be labeled on items in the P.O.D. market 


Resolution 17-18-004: A Resolution to Support CASEcnct

Would express the Senate's support for the newly-published website for resources from the Center for Advocacy and Student Equity


Resolution 17-18-005: A Resolution to Urge American University to Retract Aung San Suu Kyi's Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree

Would express the sentiments of the Student Government in favor of having AU revoke Aung San Suu Kyi's honorary degree after her response to the Royhinga crisis.


Resolution 17-18-006: A Resolution to Support the Implementation of a Student Ride Program

Would encourage the university, specifically police and Transportation department, to establish a safe and affordable ride program with a third-party company.


Resolution 17-18-007: A Resolution to Promote and Publicize AUSG Branches, Departments, Councils, and Members

Would express Senate support for publicizing a new AUSG Directory and Master Directory created by a former senator and the current Secretary 


Policy Book 17-18-002 A Policy Book for the Ethical and Judicial Standards 

Would establish the ethical and judicial standards for the Student Government 

Adopted, Signed 

Bill 17-18-005: A bill to Develop an AVID Program at AU

Would establish a policy position within the Student Government to support the establishment of an AVID program at AU

Failed Committee

Bill 17-18-006: A Bill to Make Committee Meetings Accessible to the Public

Would amend the Bylaws to require the publication of Senate and Committee meetings' locations and agendas at least 2 days prior to the meeting

Adopted, Signed

Bill 17-18-007: A Bill to to Mandate Weekly Office Hours for the Senate Communications Director

Would require the Senate Communications Directors to hold their own office hours 

Adopted, Signed

Policy Book 17-18-003: A Policy Book for New Ethical and Judicial Standards

Would establish the new ethical and judicial standards of the current Senate and Student Government; proposed by Comptroller  

Adopted, Signed 

Bill 17-18-008 A Bill to Reform and Expand CASE

Would establish a permanent staff structure for the Center for Advocacy and Student Equity

Adopted, Signed

Resolution 17-18-009 A Resolution to Have American University Faculty Inform Students to use Open Textbooks

Would call for the University to require professors to inform students of a resource that provides students with free online textbook access

Passed Committee

Resolution 17-18-010 A Resolution to Recognize and Support AU Dreamers

Would express the Government’s support of students protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program


Directive 17-18-003 A Directive to Fund the Student Rights Cards

Would transfer $1035.27 from Restricted account to the SG General

Adopted, Signed

Bill 17-18-009 A Bill to Recognize and Support AU’s Transgender Community

Would offer several advocacy ideas for supporting transgender students

Adopted, Signed 

Bill 17-18-010 A Bill to Make American University’s Tuition Fixed and Provide a Tuition “Shopping Sheet”

Would offer a plan to the University on how to implement a fixed student tuition

Adopted, Signed 

Policy Book 17-18-004 A Policy Book to Update the Elections Policy Book

Would update the policy book of the Joint Elections Commission on elections policy

Adopted, Signed 

Resolution 17-18-011 A Resolution to Increase Faculty Members of Color, World Studies, and Language Courses

Would express the view of the SG in favor of the University of increasing faculty of color and world studies courses.


Bill 17-18-011 A Bill to Limit Early Morning Construction Noise

Would express the AUSG’s desires to see construction noise limited in the mornings

Adopted, Signed 

Bill 17-18-012 A Bill to Create A Joint Committee with the Faculty Senate

Would establish a joint committee with the American University Faculty Senate

Adopted, Signed

Bill 17-18-013 A Bill to Create a Permanent Executive Position of Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Would establish a permanent positon in the AUSG President’s cabinet for diversity, equity, and inclusion

Adopted, Signed 

Bill 17-18-014 A Bill to Establish Accessible and Affordable Emergency Contraception on Campus

Would express the AUSG’s desire to see Plan B emergency contraception made available on campus

Adopted, Signed 

Bill 17-18-015 A Bill to Foster School Spirit in Senate Actions

Would amend the Bylaws to require the Speaker to enforce an attendance policy for senators to attend extracurricular activities on campus

Adopted, Signed 

Bill 17-18-016 A Bill to Ensure Open Club Access to All Individuals Interested in Participating

Would amend the Bylaws to eliminate the 45-credit limit for students to run for AUSG E-Board

Failed Committee

Bill 17-18-017 A Bill to Push for the Improvement of On-Campus Religious Accommodations

Would advocate for private prayer space in AU dorms


Bill 17-18-018 A Bill to Amend the Bylaws Regarding States of Exception

Would amend the Bylaws to clarify rules for states of exception

Adopted, Signed 

Resolution 17-18-013 A Resolution to Hang a Pan-African Flag on Campus for Black History Flag

Would express the desire of the AUSG to see the Pan-African flag flown on campus during Black History Month


Resolution 17-18-014 A Resolution to Support Donating Excess Food from TDR to Campus Kitchen

Would express the desire of the AUSG to see extra food from the dining hall to the Campus Kitchen


Resolution 17-18-015 A Resolution to Include the Suicide Hotline Number on the Back of All AU One Cards

Would express the desire of the AUSG to include the National Suicide Hotline on the back of the One Cards


Bill 17-18-019 A Bill to Reform the Appointment Process

Would amend the Bylaws to reform the process by which Executives appoint persons for positions in the cabinets. 

Adopted, Signed 

Bill 17-18-020 A Bill to Mandate an Annual Assessment of AUSG's Diversity 

Would require the Director of Diversity and Inclusion to administer a diversity survey to the Student Government 

Adopted, Signed 

Bill 17-18-021 A Bill to Establish an Incentive to Get Professors Publishing on the Open Textbook Network 

Would establish a policy stance of the AUSG in favor of an incentive program from the University for professors to publish textbooks 

Adopted, Signed 

Policy Book 17-18-005 A Policy Book for the Judicial Register 

Would establish the guidelines and policies of the Judicial Board 

Adopted, Signed 

Resolution 17-18-016 A Resolution to Build a Pathway between Hurst and East Quad Building 

Would establish an official policy position of the AUSG in favor of a pathway to be created between Hurst Hall and East Quad Building 


Resolution 17-18-017 A Resolution to Ask the Student Trustee to Report to Senate After Each Board Meeting

Would ask the Student Trustee to report to the AUSG Undergraduate Senate following each Trustee Board Meeting


Directive  17-18-005 A Directive to Update the AUSG Website with Every Appointed Position

Would require the Secretary to publish the names and titles of all the appointed positions in the Student Government 


Resolution 17-18-015 A Resolution to Promote a Summer Extension of U Pass

Would establish an official policy position of the AUSG to support the extension of the U Pass program through the summer 


Bill 17-18-022 A Bill to Create the Student Government Code 

Would establish an official code for the SG comprised of all legislation passed by former Senates

Adopted, Signed 

Bill 17-18-023 A Bill to Eliminate the Kill Switch 

Would eliminate a mechanism by which the Student Government could remove itself from the Budget Advisory Committee


Bill 17-18-024 A Bill for the General Upkeep of the Bylaws 

Would make grammatical and word-choice edits to the bylaws as a whole 


Bill 17-18-025 A Bill to Allow Senators to Publish Unified Statements

Would amend the Student Government Code to allow Senators to publish statements with 2/3 of Senators signing onto the statement, regardless of whether the Senate is in session or not 


Resolution 17-18-19 A Resolution to Appreciate Campus Workers 

Would express the sentiments of gratitude from the AUSG to campus workers


Bill 17-18-026 A Bill to Rescind Referendum 17-18-001

Would remove the planned referendum to increase student activity fee from the Spring 2018 ballot 


Bill 17-18-027 A Bill to Amend Referendum 17-18-001

Would amend referendum to increase student activity fee to appear on the Fall 2018 ballot as opposed to the originally planned Spring 2018 ballot 


Resolution 17-18-020 A Resolution to Congratulate the Women's Initiative 

Would express the sentiment of the AUSG in support and congratulations towards the Women's Initiative, a department in the Vice President's Cabinet


Resolution 17-18-021 A Resolution to Commend American University's Project to Change its Heating System 

Would express the sentiments of the AUSG in favor of the University's decision to update the school-wide heating system 


Bill 17-18-028 A Bill to Prevent the Ossification of the Judicial Board 

Would require Judicial Board members to appear before the Senate after each semester to have their appointment renewed or terminated 

Status Pending

Bill 17-18-029 The Resolving Occasional General Election Related Snafus Act

Would amend the elections policy book to address the situation in which a candidate for AUSG office is disqualified 

Status Pending

Bill 17-18-030 A Bill to Amend the Ethical and Judicial Standards 

Would amend the language of the ethical and Judicial Standards to better establish the jurisdiction of the policy book

Status Pending

Bill 17-18-031 A Bill to Define the Jurisdiction of the Student Government 

Would amend the Bylaws to include a provision defining the jurisdiction of Student Government policies

Status Pending

Bill 17-18-032 A Bill for the Reforming of Elections Bylaws 

Would combine the Joint Committee on Elections Policy and the Elections Commission to form the Elections Commission Policy Committee.

Status Pending 

Policy Book 17-18-006 A Policy Book to Update the Elections Policy Book 

Would establish a new authoritative policy book, replacing the previously adopted one. 

Status Pending 

Status Definitions

Introduced: Legislation filed with the Speaker, added to the agenda of the next Senate meeting

In Committee: Legislation has passed first reading, referred to an appropriate committee to be considered and amended as necessary

Failed Committee: Legislation was not approved by the committee and therefore does not go to the full Senate for consideration

Passed Committee: Committee has considered and amended the legislation, has voted to send the legislation to the full Senate

Failed: Full Senate has discussed and amended the legislation, did not receive enough votes to pass

Adopted: Full Senate has discussed and amended the legislation, received enough votes to pass, has not received signature or veto from President (if applicable)

Adopted, Signed: President has signed a legislation that passed the Senate

Adopted, Vetoed: President has vetoed a legislation that passed the Senate