We've been working since May to prepare the new online home of Student Government, and the time is finally here. Welcome to your one-stop-shop for all things AUSG, KPU, SUB, WI, and more!  Are you in a club? This is also the place for you! This site features a brand new master calendar that all clubs and orgs can add events to. 

The new AUSG website presents information faster and more efficiently than our old site. It also gives us the necessary flexibility to make our communications resources available to clubs and organizations that may have never worked with SG before-- and that's OK. Our first steps will be a learning curve, and we want to learn from the orgs that will benefit most from having a centralized place for special events, speakers, concerts, and just general body meetings.  

We've transferred over almost all of the content from our old site, and moved some things around.  If you find a broken page or can't find some information, please email me directly at kris.schneider@ausg.org to investigate.  

If you have a suggestion for our new site, please let me know as well! We're now on the NationBuilder platform, one of the most powerful people-oriented online content managers on the market, and we have a lot of new potential opportunities at our disposal. So if you have an idea, I want to hear about it!

-Kris Schneider