The Student Government is an organization that works for advancing and promoting student interests in academic and social life at American University

 The Student Government shall consist of all undergraduate students who have paid their student activity fee. Members of the Student Government shall be entitled to vote in elections and on referendum. The Student Government shall serve as the primary representative of the American University undergraduate student body.

Executive Office hours


Sasha Gilthorpe

Monday: 6:30-9pm

Tuesday: 4-8pm

Wednesday: 1-4pm

Thursday: 11am-2pm


jack fitzpatrick

Tuesday: 4-5:30pm

Wednesday: 5-8:pm


jake stone

Monday: 10-11:30am and 3-8pm

Tuesday: 12-2:30pm

Wednesday: 10am-2pm


Martin Valderruten

Monday: 6:30-9pm

Wednesday: 3-9pm

Thursday: 6:30-9pm

Friday: 6:30-7pm